Loose material scales


The device was developed as a scale for confectionery industry. Its task is to weigh sugar beet meal continuously by means of strain gauges.
This process is done by starting the filling of the raw material into the transport bag by the production worker. The system continuously weighs the product with an accuracy of 0.05% per 2000 [kg].

The machine improves the work of the production process, among others in the food industry.


Loose material scales


Pipe bender

Pipe bender


The pipe bender was developed as a demand in the gas pipe market as a product to facilitate repeatable bending in the shortest possible time.


The device is mobile and thanks to the display and the controller it allows you to select the diameter of the bent material at any angle.


It is a numerical bending machine based on a hydraulic cylinder, which allows for very precise control of the cylinder advancement length. As a result, it gives precise bending of elements of different diameters.



Mechanical arm

Mechanical arms.


The mechanical arm is intended to relieve the worker's workload so that he does not have to use force to lift heavy parts during assembly. The weight of the lifted tool/device is to be balanced by mechanical systems.

The work is more comfortable, ergonomic and the worker does not get tired while performing assembly works.

The arms of the construction can be balanced by springs or pneumatic cylinders.



Reaction arm

Reaction arm.


The device is used to carry torsion tools, so as to relieve the work of man.

The machine carries heavy torsion tools and at the same time receives and transmits to its structure a torsion moment of up to 1200 [Nm].


The device was created to improve the process of twisting sensitive torsion joints in motor vehicles. In addition to a choice of several twist types, the machine offers the possibility to control the twisted connection with Atlas Copco numerical keys.




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